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On 21st October 2022, TIN THANH GROUP (TTG) signed a Cooperation Agreement with VIETTEL HIGH TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (VHT) with the goals of intensive cooperation and development in the fields of Industrial and Tire Leasing service package. The two sides wish to cooperate in the fields of research, development and trading of the product called “The Smart Tire Management Solution”, specifically:

  1. Building a technology solution including hardware – a device integrated into the tire to transmit signals of tire operation information and software – an application solution that collects and processes hardware signals from the integrated device.
  2. Jointly developing specific business solutions for markets that TTG is targeting including: USA, Brazil, Europe.

At the same time, TIN THANH GROUP (TTG) also signed the Software Development Contract with DEEP TECH ASIA CORPORATION (DEEP TECH ASIA) with the contents:

  1. The two sides develop a detailed technical description for the features of the software “The Smart Tire Users Association”.
  2. Deep Tech is responsible for establishing a personnel organization with appropriate qualifications and many years of experience in the fields related to the scope of work of this Contract in order to work with TTG until the completion of the project