Tin Thanh Group

About Us

For a better environment for this earth

Tin Thanh Group is a pioneer in using renewable energy and reducing global emissions. We are aiming for a diversified company, a sustainable development for better environment and reducing emissions for this earth. We will continue to evolve with what we have been doing.

We have been honored to accompany our customers as well as our partners along their journey

Besides the efforts of Tin Thanh Group, it is indispensable for the companionship, support and cooperation of our partners and customers during the past time. In the future, Tin Thanh Group also needs the connection and cooperation of customers around the world to realize the Goal - Vision - Mission that Tin Thanh Group is aiming for.


To become a sustainable development corporation in the field of high-tech industry and agriculture in order to reduce global emissions and replace fossil fuels with renewable fuels.


Regenerating ineffective agricultural cultivated lands, contributing to improve farmers’ quality of life and applying high technology in closed industry as well as agriculture.


Create a sustainable source of clean energy to meet domestic and export markets. Provide technology solutions for the fields of industry, agriculture and human resource management.