Tin Thanh Group

Biomass Steam Electrical Energy

Energy Overview

In the energy sector, we have had many years of research and success in using renewable fuels (mainly Biomass) to replace fossil fuels (NG, CNG, LPG, DO, FO, …). Currently, we are supplying medium and high pressure steam with renewable fuels for large factories in Vietnam, achieving absolute safety for factories to operate, stable production with high efficiency in terms of economy and emission reduction into the environment. This is the criterion that we have been always aiming in the development of Tin Thanh Group.

  • Reduce emissions of millions of tons of carbon into the environment.
  • Reduce production costs for partners and customers.
  • Reduce import of hundreds of thousands of tons of DO and FO / year.
  • Farmers benefit hundreds of billions of dong / year from the collection of all kinds of agricultural and forestry waste to sell to Tin Thanh Group.
  • Thousands of workers have stable jobs in the system of Tin Thanh Group.

Renewable Energy - Industrial Steam Electricity

Tin Thanh Group is proud to be the leading energy supplier in Vietnam. Currently, we are supplying energy from renewable fuels to more than 30 major factories and leading industrial facilities in Vietnam and the world such as: SABECO, HABECO, DRC, CASUMINA, COCA-COLA, VINACAFE, Ton Hoa Sen, Golden Hope, Cholimex, Yuen Foong Yu….