At 15:00 pm on June 20, 2023, Air Products Corporation of the United States and Tin Thanh Group of Vietnam signed a strategic cooperation contract in the United States to exploit the potential and promote cooperation development between the two sides. This cooperation is an important part of the development strategy of both Groups in the coming time.

Accordingly, Air Products Corporation provides oxygen production technology to put in boilers, industrial furnaces and nitrogen production to reduce fuel moisture for boilers and industrial furnaces of steam supply for industrial plants and power plants throughout Vietnam. Tin Thanh Group has been granted the exclusive technology and trade rights to deploy steam and heat supply projects for industrial plants and coal-fired thermal power plants in Vietnam. This technology will bring many benefits such as reducing emissions by up to 90% and saving fuel greatly.

In addition, the two Groups will work closely in the development and application of hydrogen production technology from renewable sources for different industries and the production of bio-plastics from sorghum seeds. This is a turning point for fuel saving – reducing global emissions in line with the criteria and orientation set forth by Tin Thanh Group.

Air Products Corporation is the world’s leading natural gas producer (Air Products sales in 2022 are US$12.7 billion and stock market value is US$64.26 billion) and Tin Thanh Group is the leading supplier of saturated steam in Vietnam using renewable biomass fuel.