Tin Thanh Group (TTG) has been operating for more than 25 years in Environment Industry and High Technology Agro Industry. At this moment, TTG has become a multi-industry company with multiple unit members.

We are the current renewable energy supplier for more than 30 big production plants and industrial centers located in Vietnam. In United States we were elected to supply renewable energy to replace fossil fuels for 21 Ethanol plants in Minnesota, USA. Moreover, TTG is implementing several projects on Energy, Fuels and High Technology Agro-Industry in Cuba and other projects in USA.



Message from the Chairman of Tin Thanh Group

Tin Thanh Group is the business pioneer in using of renewable energy and reducing global emissions, aiming at a multi-sector enterprise with sustainable development for a better environment and deflation large emissions for this earth.

With all that we have been achieving, we are constantly growing and will continue to grow. Besides our own efforts, the support, cooperation and partnership that TTG has been receiving from our business partners and clients during all this time also play an important role and are much needed by TTG in the future to archive the Target, Vision and Mission that we have set.


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